About Me

How it all began

I was pushed into photography -- shoved actually, or maybe even thrown. I went to college to be a journalist and wanted to write stories for newspapers. That worked out well, but on the very first day of a new job my boss handed me a camera and told me I had to take my own photos to go along with my stories. Huh? I knew nothing about cameras. What was I going to do? Well, what I did was I learned - quickly.

They say all things happen for a reason and as it turns out, I loved the photography side of the job even more than the writing. I found that while I had learned to tell stories with words, I could also tell them with pictures. Capturing the sweet face of a newborn baby, watching those children and families grow and helping high school seniors showcase a part of their inner personalities is something I absolutely love.

Every day and every person is special and unique. I love to capture them all in photographs that will last for generations.

~ Heather